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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why I Like gears of war 2

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It is estimated that that travel is thought about eight times every day by those most reliant on technology, who are yet to grow accustomed to its disombobulating nature. Complex though it is I shall now attempt to provide an exaustive report on travel and its numerous 'industries'.
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#49 - K2 Apache Recon - (All Mountain)

The K2 Apache Recon alpine ski is a high-performance mid fat with a mission. That mission is to explore every foot of every mountain around the globe. The Recon can handle anything Mother Nature’s got

#50 - K2 Zeppelin - (Freestyle)

"Something that the engineers might not have realized is that torsion forks in the nose and tail give the Zeppelin extra stability for nose-presses and jibbing."
-- Bobby Meeks
Kinked rails to switc


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